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Privavy Statement

Mathijs Lagerberg is the party responsible for all data processing on the How Cold Is It? website and apps.


You can connect with us by sending an email to info@howcoldisit.com.

Website and app data

For the purpose of providing accurate weather forecast we will ask your location. The data is stored in a cookie or similar technology to reduce network traffic and is only stored on your machine locally. By entering the browser settings you can remove this data.

Providing Data to Third Parties

We do not under any circumstance provide your personal data to other companies or organisations, unless we are required so by law (for example, when the police demands access to personal data in case of a suspected crime). Our website features social media buttons. These buttons are used by the providers of these services to collect your personal data.


We keep anonymous usage statistics on the use of our website and apps using Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to track visitors on our website and through our apps and to get reports about how visitors use them. We accepted the data processing agreement from Google, which is the party responsible for storing the data from all these services. We do allow Google to use information obtained through these services for other purposes.


Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small files in which we can store information, so that you do not have to fill that information again. We can also use them to see whether you are visiting us again.

The first time you visit our website, we will show you a notification explaining our cookies and ask for your permission for the use of these cookies.

You can disable the use of cookies through your browser setting, but some parts of our website may not work properly as a result of that.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to modify this statement. We recommend that you consult this statement on a regular basis, so that you remain informed of any changes.


If for whichever reason you feel that we are unhelpful or inconsiderate concerning your privacy or personal data, you reserve the right to lodge a complaint at the authority. For The Netherlands, this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.